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Landscape Lighting in the 21st Century

Article by Moon Valley Lighting LLC  in the Arizona Landscape Contractors Association publication

Nov/Dec 2013 issue.

NEW INSTALLATIONS... One of the first questions we ask potential customers is "how do you use the space"...We will come to your project, home or commercial property and give you a design that will not only enhance your environment but will do so with your specific use in mind.

SUBTLE IS OUR GOAL... if you're looking for the aggressive Las Vegas style of "more is better"...we aren't the right contractor for you. Our approach is "Less is better". Our installation methods enable us to easily add to an existing system, so we start with less and allow your utilization of the space to dictate whether or not more is desirable or required.

LED has arrived… with the advent of LED integrated fixtures and LED retrofit products we can now offer you the option of installing a new LED lighting system or retrofitting your existing system to LED allowing you to save up to 75% on your annual power usage as well as doing your part in making our environment a better place to live.

TROUBLESHOOTING - REPAIR...Through the years we have recognized that a lot of contractors want to "help you" when you are looking for a new system. Very few of them have any interest, desire or even knowledge of troubleshooting or repairing an existing system. It is very rare for a transformer to fail and probably 90% of the service calls we respond to are a simple fix requiring a 1 or 2 hour labor charge with a few dollars in parts. If anyone tells you "you have to replace or rewire the entire system" stop right there and call someone for a second opinion. All professional grade systems can be repaired, it's usually just a question of how much time would be required to do that. Get an estimate before you decide.

“As a native born Arizonan, I have an in depth understanding of and deep respect for the unique challenges the Arizona climate presents for your outdoor living space. After more years than I care to count working within the landscape industry I have come to recognize the need for a company that is dedicated specifically to competitively priced outdoor landscape lighting in the Arizona market.That’s what we do, and we do it better than anyone else.”

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Moon Valley Lighting LLC is dedicated to helping you get the most out of your outdoor landscape lighting. With over 25 years of experience we are confident that we can offer the right mix of products and services to exceed your expectations.